Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Alternative to No Poo: Weeks 1 and 2

This time, I've done things differently.  No baking soda, it's not the right pH for hair.

What am I doing this time?  Honey washes, apple cider vinegar rinses.  I try not to "wash" my hair too often- every 3-4 days.  My hair is already pretty much used to this anyway.

Before I shower, I brush with a boar bristle brush.  In the shower, I pour on a solution I've made with a little dollop of honey diluted in water, pour on and leave on.  I then scritch (gently!!), massage the scalp, finish whatever other showering things I'm doing, and rinse really well.  If things feel really slick (and whew, by the end of week 2 they were really feeling pretty heavy), I will gently wipe a washcloth down my hair from the scalp; I try to not just have the water on the top but block my ears and get the temples too.
Then I have a very dilute ACV rinse, which I rinse out right away.

In the two weeks since I started, the transition has been pretty interesting.  The first week I was getting oily, but I could still sort of get away with having my hair down if I blow dried and styled it (no product).  By the end of the day things would be pretty stringy.  Getting into week 2, I really felt like unless I was home alone I needed a ponytail.  Thankfully in my job right now I can wear a hat (it's winter and I'm outside) so I haven't needed to worry about the public too much.

Things look pretty interesting when I wake up!  Serious bedhead, heavy greasy hair, and my daily brushing with the BBB was more like slicking down than anything else.  I have been parting the hair into sections to get all of the hair brushed through.  It's seriously icky, and a true challenge.  Still, most accounts say 6 weeks so I'm all in.

These first two photos are week 1.   Although things are stringy, I notice that it's shinier (duh- sebum, right?)

 These next 2 photos are week 2, getting a little heavier in the oiliness.  Brushing is a little easier in the essence that the static flyaways are becoming less and less- oil to weigh it down.  It's winter right now and the house is very dry, as we heat with wood.

This was taken right after I showered, and blow dried the hair in hopes of leaving it down.  Too yucky- no such luck.

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