Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 4!

One month later!
I'm eagerly awaiting my shower head softener/ filter to come in the mail.  I am happy to report however, despite the hard and heavy water, my hair seems to be behaving.  I "washed" last night with the usual honey rinse and ACV rinse, and styled it before going out with the hubby and a friend.  They both remarked that my hair looked shiny and healthy but not heavy or greasy.

This morning I've taken some photos for you to see.  In the past 3 weeks, I would be greasy within hours after a shower when I "washed" my hair, but I want you to see that this is getting better.  It has times of looking pretty normal, up to one day later!  My hope is that at 6 weeks I'll have more and more good days where I can leave my hair down rather than slicking it back into a ponytail.

Here's some photos for you to see the progress.  Forgive my sleepy face, I just woke up.

These photos are with my hair brushed smooth with a BBB.  It's simply shiny and dry, not stringy or greasy.  Yay, progress!

The following photos are after I muss it up a little post brushing, so you can see that yes, it is a little clumpier than perfectly dry shampooed hair, but honestly not bad.  Oh poor puffy eyes- we went to the pub last night and it shows.  Lol.

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