Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 42

I ran today, so I did a water wash and chamomile rinse. I took this photo while it's still a bit damp (no blowdrying, I'm doing a ponytail today) but honestly, it's drying nicely and not at all greasy or stringy. It feels soft, normal, not oily or icky. I washed two days ago. I think it's getting better between washes. Once again I think, if it were longer I'd leave it down and see what it looks like through the day... but this in between length and ugly haircut offends my vanity. So ponytail it is.


  1. I decided to try using clay instead of BS today and really like how it feels. Not as drying and shinier! I used the French green cosmetic clay that I use to do a facial mask. Added water of course! Maybe something else you'd like to try :)

  2. I tried using clay to wash my hair today instead of BS. It feels nice and soft and not as dry as after BS. I used the same French green clay that I use to do a facial mask. Add water of course!

  3. I've heard of that! I may try that. thanks!