Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 51

I last used BS on Monday, with a chamomile, vinegar and honey rinse. Since then I've done a water rinse everyday, but nothing else... I haven't had time to brew chamomile everyday, but that doesn't do much but color and soften anyway. I usually do a BS on Friday also, but I was late today running my boyfriend to the airport, so there! Actually it doesn't look too bad, you can see it's a bit oily at the hairline but honestly it looks normal. I may just see how it looks tomorrow. I take it down and brush it every evening, and though it looks funky down, it's not horrible or nasty. On me, it looks now at day 5 how it would have looked on day 2 before.

So I haven't been blogging much since I haven't many changes to report; I was settling into a routine with BS washes on Monday and Friday, and rinses on the other days. I believe my hair is adjusting. I'm starting to see the gray sebum funk on my comb, as I have read in other people's blogs. It doesn't stink or bother me at all. My hair has tons of body and behaves differently. On day 42, a comment was left by my friend Ursula about French green clay, and I may try that, since I am distressed about how drying BS is. A new experimental piece!

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