Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 53

This photo was taken last night, after brushing and then a water wash (it was pretty much dry by then). As of today, I still have not "washed" it since my BS wash on Monday the 6th. I wanted to show that it really isn't gross. It looks alright, even! Well, to tell the truth, if you comb it straight back, it stays slicked. It looks ok if I fluff it and leave it alone, as shown here. But you can pretty much position it where you want to and it would stay. I think this once again illustrates that the experiment would go differently if I had longer hair.

I would like to space washing my hair out even further, but it means I only have it in a ponytail. How boring! Anyway, I am not washing it until tomorrow morning. I bought some green clay (bentonite) and I'll see how that goes. I don't like how drying BS is so I'm hopeful it will be a little different, though clay has drying properties as well.

I don't feel icky, for going 6 to 7 days without a "wash". It helps that I brush every day and have done a water wash nearly every day as well. I'll admit I've been waiting for that magical period to pass where I suddenly can go forever without washing it, but that hasn't happened yet. True, I've been in a routine of washing Monday and Friday so who knows???

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