Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 10

Even though I got sweaty at the gym this morning, I only did a rinse in my hair when I showered. It brushed out nicely (my habit now is lots of brushing before the shower/ in the morning, and at night- probably 100 strokes, but who's counting?) and looked fine, actually.

I massaged a mix of 1 tbsp lemon in a cup of water into my hair, and left that in while I did other shower stuff. When I rinsed that out, my hair felt sort of slick- the oils were still there, but it felt good, actually. After that I put the chamomile/ rose tea in my hair and left that in while I finished up; I rinsed with cool water and was done.

My hair was drying normally, looked and felt normal. I did not blowdry, though, but put it into a ponytail before it was dry. The picture shows the ponytail, not nearly as "slicked down" as last week. It just looks normal. When I took it down tonight, the ends were crazy as usual, and somewhat stringy on the crown but only when I brush or comb it; if I fluff it with my fingers it looks fine.

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