Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 5

Yesterday, I thought my hair looked pretty greasy in the morning. I've been brushing/ massaging well in the morning and at night. I went to the gym yesterday morning, and had my hair up in little pigtails; if I comb it really well it doesn't look yucky at all. When I took it down it was flat and gross, but didn't smell bad or feel overly greasy- it just felt like the oils were really working their way down. I thought it took more time but in my case, it's going quickly. I just hope my poor scalp realizes the change soon!

Anyway I felt pretty greasy and had plans to go out on the town during the day and at night, so I wanted to do something about it. I want to wait to do a BS wash- so that I'm only doing that once per week, or wean off it entirely. So what I did was a 50/50 ACV/H2O wash, with lots of good massaging. My hair felt really slick, sort of cleaner but I could really feel the oils. You know that feeling when you shampoo, where it squeaks? Yeah, not anymore. I don't mind leaving the oils in but I didn't want excess. I ended up using a little bit of VERY dilute Dr.Bronner's Lavender (which I've read is a good alternative in this experiment, doesn't strip the hair). That made it feel pretty much similar. Then I rinsed with chamomile, and figured- well! I guess I'll see what happens.

I let my hair air dry. Again, I feel I've got the uglies if I don't blowdry with a style brush- it sticks out like a scarecrow (my stylist keeps razoring the ends, which I hate, it makes everything look frayed). I was self-conscious through the day with my crazy, straight flyaway hair- but it was clean, and looked clean. Not stringy, not greasy, just a little bit flat and no style at all. It felt soft though! The bonus is it is starting to look shinier! I always thought blonde hair just wasn't shiny, like brunettes. It seems that is not true.

In the evening I was going out to a club, so I broke down and used a curling iron in my hair. Normally I have to use product (mousse or something) to get style to take, but I didn't use anything and it held really well- even though it was raining out. Wow! It looked great. I wore a headband, had the ends curled, and felt fabulous... and it's been 7 days since shampoo, 5 days since BS wash.

I woke up with the ends still curled (my ends may be damaged, from all the abuse, so this may be why), but not very greasy. It's behaving as it does when I've swum in the ocean and not washed my hair a couple of days. I kind of like it a little wild, so that's fine! Better than flat and stringy. In this photo I still have a dent in the front from where the headband is, (along with bed head) but you can see the curls, and I think it looks much better this way.

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