Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 11

Well, I spoke too soon about yesterday's greasiness. When I'd freed it from the ponytail it looked ok initially but then I saw just how crazy and greasy it was. I note that I did lemon juice after the Dr.B's, and I know that it works much like vinegar (to a lesser degree.) I wonder if I just don't need the "conditioning rinse"? Some people get really greasy on vinegar and I haven't used it in a little while, and have been happier with the results. Hmmm. Normally (when I was shampooing) I could go more than the next day without being greasy; I'd be slightly greasy on day 3, then shampoo that day (or stuff it into a ponytail.) So I feel it's unusual to be that greasy. Yes, I'm transitioning. Yes.

Anyway I wore it in little piglets today to dance practice, and it was super cute- the ends were all wild and fun, like I had gel in it. I liked that. Then I took them out and whoa! Crazy, greasy. When I brushed it for the shower it would lie flat on my scalp. The intersting thing to note is that it doesn't feel gross. Or stink. It looks better if I fluff it out with my fingers; but right after brushing, on any given day, it's slick. It's been very shiny though! Today after dance I rinsed with chamomile only, massaged and rinsed really really well. I dry with a towel using several strokes, sort of like the "Mexican Method".
So these photos show the cute piggies with the wild body, and what it looked like when I took them out (oooh! shiney!); then after the rinse only. The greasiness is greatly reduced with just that.

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