Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 8

Today would be the third day not "washing" since I did BS on Monday. Normally I would shampoo every other day. However... I want to stretch out the time between washings, so I decided to tough out today and see how it goes.

This morning I ran at the gym, so I was sweaty. Things were looking reeeeaaaalll greasy too. Or maybe it was sweat... nah, it was greasy. Anyway I only rinsed with chamomile (and I threw in a few dried rose petals too, for fun). I massaged my scalp well in the warm water, and followed with a cool rinse. It felt greasy in the shower, and I thought for sure that I was going to be a grease bucket all day. I decided against vinegar because I've heard it makes some people feel greasy and heavy after...

Well! Surprise! My hair did not feel greasy once it dried. I was suspicious, and put it in a ponytail for the day. The first photo shows my (ridiculous) ponytail. Doesn't look too bad actually. When I got home I took it out totally expecting to be a stiff greasy mess... and WOW! It's fine! Just- fine! Not really stringy, not really greasy, just kindof normal. It may have been different if it was down and I was playing with it all day (I run my hands through my hair a lot when it's down.)

So, I've been a bit nervous because I have a date on Thursday (eeek! a first date, too!) and I don't want to be a salad head, a greasy mess or otherwise!! I was in despair thinking of it last night since I was so icky. Today has really turned me around and made me feel hopeful that it will work for me. My plan is to "wash" it tomorrow- maybe with Dr.Bronners, and only rinse with tea and EO, no vinegar. I have no wish to explain why I smell like a warm salad to someone I like. Mmmm... no. I am also going to use a blowdryer and maybe curl it... special occasion, right?

So this photo is with the ponytail just out, I tried to brush it but it's crazy. The ends are ruined. Grrr! It's just to show, though, that it's not stringy or greasy at all.

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