Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 9

Soooo... I was nervous, having a date tonight (went great!) so I wanted my hair to look good. I know, it's so vain but it is my vanity... worse when it's long!

I washed my hair with Dr.Bronners, which I'd diluted; I found I had to pour it on my head directly to be sure it got where it needed to be. When I'd just put it on my hands, lather it and try to apply it, I didn't feel I was getting anywhere. Dr.Bronners leaves the oils in the hair, so I wasn't sure it was going to be less greasy or not. Then I just rinsed with chamomile/rose tea, and skipped the vinegar. I meant to use lemon but forgot to take it in with me, so after a cold rinse, that was that.

Since I had this date, I decided to blow dry my hair. The photo is from right after that. Wow! Such body! It looked fabulous, and I didn't mind having it down all day. I tried my best not to play with it too much, as that would make it stringy and greasy, and I did a good job for the most part. When I got home I curled the ends- and the style holds great, like I have product in it. I threw it in a headband and it looks great. In all I'd say I've got the greasies a lot less than before.

On an interesting note... once or twice throughout the day, I noted a 'dreaddy hippie' smell, sort of like what you smell on a person with dreds; not a funk, per se, but a distinct smell. Then it dawned on me... it smelled like Dr.Bronners + natural human hair. Oh! Hmmm.... before my date I put more lavender EO on my hair to help that out. The jury's still out on whether or not I feel that Dr.B makes a good hair cleaner for me.

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