Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 13

Look, Ma... lots of body!

So, this morning was Exxon Valdez to the max. Now, I didn't technically do any kind of a "wash" since Thursday (Dr.B) so really, that's 4 mornings without. I shouldn't be surprised to be so greasy. That's longer than normal for me. I wanted to hold out for today though, since I wasn't really socializing with anyone.

After the gym, I brushed my hair (more like slicked it repeatedly) and hopped in. On a side note- I have had NO trouble with flakes or itchies, mostly because I groom fastidiously. I brush every morning and night and sometimes in between if I'm fixing my ponytail. Anyway, today was a BS day. I massaged with it as usual, and felt the risidual oils. That always makes me nervous! I did my very dilute vinegar (ACV: 1 tbsp/ 1 c H2O) to which I had added waaaaaay too much Rosemary EO. Oh... I put that on my head and was overpowered, not only by the scent but by the oiliness of the EO! So I panicked, rinsed it out quickly and did another BS wash. All I rinsed with after was the chamomile/rose tea.

Soooo... my hair is a bit dry today, and not as shiny. I decided to blowdry because it's -10 outside, and I'm sick of looking like a scarecrow and resorting to ponytails. I think I need to get a haircut on a wash day. I hate the razor scissors, I think they've given me a setback. Grrrr! However, it still feels thicker than it used to, so I imagine there are still oils on the hair. I didn't do coconut oil, so I'm sure that makes a difference. I'm curious to see if I'll overproduce sebum now that I did so much BS. I hope not!

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  1. i didn't think your hair was capable of body! wheeewww!!