Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 15

Well, definitely another transition/ponytail day. I only did a chamomile rinse today (nothing fancy) after sweating my butt off at the gym. I was late and so couldn't dry it; I was suspicious that it would not be a good "hair down" day anyway. Into a pony it went! I took it out tonight, and of course it is a frenzied mess since I put it up wet. It's slightly oily, no more than it used to be two days after I hadn't washed it (and it was never really bad since I only washed it every other day anyway.) I want to hold out for Friday though, so tomorrow will be another ponytail day- with or without a water only rinse.

I decided not to humiliate myself with a picture of the hair down, since it looks like I got electrocuted and then run over by a truck... so all you get is the neat little ponytail. Looks fine, eh?

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