Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 20

Ahhh. Today was a BS wash day. Actually I have to report that despite the nasties after the last BS wash, I rinsed yesterday and in the evening when I took it out of the ponytails, it wasn't gross. I thought that was pretty odd. I had been thorough in my rinse, but wow!

I ran today, and was pretty sweaty when I got home, but I brushed anyway (gently). I think that's the trick for no flakes, at least for me. (I also don't shed as much, hmm.) I made up a batch of BS solution and used as much as I felt I needed- about half of the 1 cup. Massaged well, rinsed well. Then I did use the last of the dilute ACV, but I took care not to get any on my scalp. Just the ends. After that I rinsed with chamomile.

I did style it, because I wanted to dry it and see what happened. It looks great today. Lots of body, maybe a little dry- I probably should have used a little coconut oil on the ends. Although I always feel it's a bit dry on BS days (it is a drying thing) and it usually feels better the next day. Today I think I will go get a haircut, if time allows; I hate that I have to blowdry to feel good about it and not look like a scarecrow. I'm putting the fear of the goddess into the stylist to never ever use that damn razor comb on me ever again. I hate that I have to lose a lot of my ends to make it right! Grrr. As long as I can still get it into piggies I'll be ok.

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