Sunday, March 1, 2009

Experiment bonus...

I've been trying to find ways to become more efficient at the whole showering thing and preparing for the shower. I find myself measuring and brewing and taking several cups of concoctions into shower with me- and I abhor inefficiency. I like a shower to be quick (unless I'm cold) because my mornings are tightly timed.

I am also a sucker for beauty in day to day life (I think it's a Libra thing) so if I can make it functional AND beautiful, I've won. If only life could be steam-punk...

Anyway I recycle like mad, and save some of the prettier bottles from products I've used. I chose a couple of the nicer ones in which to put my BS solution, and a very dilute vinegar solution (I'm trying to see if the very dilute solution will work best for me). While it's not necessarily a good idea to take glass into the shower, I can be more than careful when handling it. It's up in the shower rack, too, away from the kitties, who are all about destruction for the fun of it.

So the bonus is that my shower now looks like a proper witchy place- complete with potion bottles! It fills my little aesthetic heart with joy.

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