Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 14!!!

I made two weeks! Yay! Two weeks and no signs of stopping, because I'm happy so far with how things are going. Actually, technically it's 15 days since my last shampoo!

Today I did a little twist on my cute little tea rinse. I put about a tsp of honey and a tbsp lemon into my chamomile tea. I made sure the tea was hot when the honey went in, to dissolve it well. (I got this little combination from a book that was talking about natural brighteners for blondes.) It smelled fabulous, and made my hair feel nice and smooth in the shower. It rinsed out just fine, with lots of warm water (no stickies, please!) and a cool rinse after.

My hair felt a little chalky and dry yesterday/this morning, and I wonder if I didn't rinse the BS out well enough (plus no vinegar after, maybe you need that...) It feels better today, thick but soft and not greasy or dry. Kind of perfect, actually. I did blowdry again today because it's COLD!!! It made sassy little curled ends though, and I love the way it looks today- with all the body of yesterday's picture, but shinier. The photo is from this afternoon, after being out in the wind all day, working. You can see that it looks a bit thicker, that although it isn't brushed it's not greasy or yucky. Just windblown. Neat!

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