Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 16

Holding out for tomorrow for the next BS wash! I'm gonna make it!

I did a chamomile only rinse today, brushing well before the shower and massaging well under the water. I wanted to see if I can actually wear it down or not (how bad is it, does a ponytail make it worse?) so I blowdried it to get some style in the ends, and put it in a headband. It definitely has a lot of body! It feels a little like I went out last night with gel in my hair, sort of next day after night out hair (without the ciggy smell from the old days when people still smoked in bars- ugh!) Not gross, not oily, just thick. I'm not used to having thick hair at all, my hair is superfine.

Anyway it looks great but there's a ponytail holder on my wrist just in case.

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