Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 21

Yowza!!! I mean- look at the BODY!!! Whooooeeee! I love my hair today. Just love it. No styling products, people, nothing. Just me, all me.

Today I did a chamomile and honey rinse, massaged really well, and blowdried it (I have a date tonight!). It's soft, thick, and all ROCK STAR. Yeah! I know that if I keep touching it, it could look yucky by tonight... but right now it's amazing! Amazing, and three weeks since I've touched it with shampoo. I've "washed" twice per week with either baking soda or Dr.Bronners, rinsed quite a bit with chamomile, and attempted to balance out my vinegar needs... and I'm so happy with the results right now! I never have this much body!

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