Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 18

Gross. Just, gross. Oh. My. Goddess.

So yesterday was a BS wash day. I didn't have much left in the bottle, but I felt it was enough to do a thorough job so I massaged it in, left it in for a while, and rinsed well. I did a very dilute ACV rinse- 1 tbsp to 1 cup water, with very very scant EO- and rinsed that well, following with chamomile/rose tea. I even did a cool rinse after, like usual.

Well, I felt that my hair was a bit thick, and not all that clean after. I blowdried it because I had a date last night, and wanted to look good. BUT! By 4 or 5 pm my hair was absolutely horrid. On other BS days it's been great, and great for days after. It was thick, somewhat stringy and looked unclean, like I'd used styling products on it a day or two ago and didn't wash. I threw it into a headband, curled the ends and went on my date.

This morning it was perfectly terrible. Just nasty. The most amazing 80's pop star bedhead I've ever seen. Thick, greasy roots, nasty. I combed it out for the photo. I am going to have to rewash it!

What went wrong? Well, it was either that I needed more BS solution (I had 1/4 of a bottle, maybe needed more?) OR it's just that I can't use vinegar at all. I didn't want my hair to be as dry as it was the last time I did a BS wash so I figured dilute vinegar would be ok. And that was pretty dilute! I think what I will do is wash with plenty of BS- enough to really saturate my hair- and follow with the same vinegar rinse and see what the difference is. Process of elimination. If it truly is the vinegar, I am not going to use it ever again. I was horrified by the end of the night and worried my date was going to be grossed out! Lucky for me he's a greaser and has a pompador, with ten tons of pomade in his own hair, so less likely to even notice... but seriously!

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  1. eeeew. this is the first time i can tell in the photo that it looks greasy.